ESSACHESS Vol 5, No 2(10), 2012

//ESSACHESS Vol 5, No 2(10), 2012

ESSACHESS Vol 5, No 2(10), 2012

ESSACHESS 5_2This volume of ESSACHESS – Journal for Communication Studies has brought together research contributions from over 9 countries. This special issue of ESSACHESS on ‘Communication and/of memory’ advances our understanding of memory concepts in the field of Communication Sciences. Communication and/of memory are explosive, complex and challenging topics in the contemporary research in communication and memory studies. Over the years, research involving communication and/of memory has concentrated on the examination of a variety of interconnected aspects of the mediation of memory through different academic approaches. Starting of these approaches and the current research heritage related to the communication and/of memory this volume offers an interdisciplinary and international perspective on how to connect communication and memory.

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