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The Institute for Advanced Religious Studies and Internetworking Communication (IARSIC) is an open research structure organized around scientific journal ESSACHESS  founded and directed by Dr. Stefan BRATOSIN, full Professor at the Paul Valéry University of Montpellier.

IARSIC began as an international center of applied research studies of innovations in communication. IARSIC is currently focused on working with scholars and scientific research groups from all over the world in order to develop and promote researches in religion, symbolic communication, new media and Internet through interdisciplinary cooperation.

This research structure was established in 2011 when a network of over thirty researchers from different scientific disciplines decided to join together around a research institute in order to participate in programs, projects, and research contracts in sciences involved in areas of information and communication.

Currently IARSIC involves scientists from Brazil, Colombia, France, Lebanon, Madagascar, Moldova, Morocco, Romania, Russia, Spain, Tunisia, and the United States of America.



The purpose of IARSIC is to make possible international cooperation in the fields of religion, symbolic communication, new media and Internet so that scholars and researchers from all over the world can work together in order to elaborate, accomplish, and implement the best research projects and programs involving innovation on these topics.

The mission of IARSIC is to develop, implement, and promote innovation in religion, symbolic communication, and new media and Internet.



IARSIC is governed by its members in accordance with its bylaws.


How to find us

UNIVERSITÉ PAUL-VALÉRY MONTPELLIER 3, ITIC, Bât. BRED, Bureau 216, Route de Mende 34 199 Montpellier Cedex 5